01/28/2015 05:00 EST | Updated 03/29/2015 05:59 EDT

Foodie trends: restaurant bread baskets making a comeback

The restaurant bread basket is making a comeback, says On the Coast food columnist Anya Levykh. And some restaurants are adding a unique flare to what's on offer.

"I think part of it is a reaction to the whole gluten-free movement," said Levykh. "People just want to enjoy their bread and butter."

We asked Levykh for her pick of Vancouver's new restaurant bread baskets.

Best restaurant bread baskets in Vancouver

L'Abbatoir(pastry chef Hilary Prince)

The bread basket at L'Abbatoir includes a spiced flatbread (paprika, sesame, black sesame, poppy, caraway and cumin seeds), bacon brioche rolls, and anchovy and parmesan puff pastry twists.

Secret Location (chef Jefferson Alvarez)

You can count on sourdough and gluten-free brioche at Secret Location, made using gluten-free NextJen baking mix produced in Vancouver by local Vancouver chef Jen Peters.

Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Boulevard's bread basket includes cornbread, sourdough baguette and whole wheat sourdough loaf.

Mamie Taylor's

If you don't mind paying a bit for your bread, Mamie Taylor's makes amazing Southern-style biscuits and cornbread. One large biscuit and one large slice of cornbread with a side of bourbon butter will cost you $4.

Provence Marinaside

Provence Marinaside offers a basket of baked goods for breakfast and brunch for $13, which includes a selection of fresh, baked goods like croissants, muffins, breads, pain au chocolat and danishes.

To listen to the full interview with our food columnist Anya Levykh, click on the audio labelled: Restaurant trends: the bread basket comeback