01/28/2015 03:00 EST | Updated 03/30/2015 05:59 EDT

Grand Analog frontman talks music with 72 year-old hip hop hater

A fierce battle between music lovers with wildly different taste in tunes ended in a final showdown on Radio West.

Two musicians who recently called in to the show were thrown into the radio ring: 72 year-old church organ player Carol Collins from Trail, B.C., and 34 year-old Odario Williams, the lead singer of Winnipeg hip-hop group Grand Analog.

Collins had recently called in to complain about the "deplorable and jarring" Grand Analog song I'll Walk Alone, which she heard played on Radio West.

She had been expecting a song by the same name sung by Dinah Shore in the 40s.

Grand Analog's Odario Williams caught wind of the complaint and decided the battle was on.

"I've heard those comments before on the CBC, no doubt," said Williams.

During the on-air battle of epic proportions, Williams admitted he knew the song Collins was referring to.

He even said he was inspired by the title and was "channelling the same vibe," although the end product was quite different.

"Hip hop, of course, there's a lot more elements to it. A lot of drums. A lot of bass," said Williams.

Eventually, Williams appears to have taken Collins down with his charm.

"He's amazingly polite," said Collins.

She even admitted that she didn't dislike the song quite as much the second time she heard it.

"Perhaps it's growing on me," she said.

The two hope to meet for coffee in Kelowna in mid-February, when Grand Analog will be performing at Habitat.

To listen to the full battle, click on the audio labelled: Hip hop hater talks music with Grand Analog frontman