01/28/2015 03:12 EST | Updated 03/30/2015 05:59 EDT

Jean Chrétien Endorses Sudbury's Glenn Thibeault, Steelworkers Go On Attack

A former Canadian Prime Minister once known for his “Shawinigan handshake” is wading into the Sudbury, Ont., provincial byelection — just as an influential union makes some aggressive moves in the campaign as well.

The Ontario Liberal Party says Jean Chrétien and his wife, Aline, are endorsing candidate Glenn Thibeault.

The party said Jean Chrétien worked with Thibeault and believes he has the experience and determination to best represent Sudbury.

The provincial Liberals go on to quote Aline Chrétien, who was the first appointed chancellor of Laurentian University.

She is quoted as saying Sudbury needs an MPP who reflects its people, and Thibeault would do that.

Meanwhile, a United Steel Workers Union attack ad against Thibeault is being broadcast on private radio stations in Sudbury.

The Steelworkers have paid for an ad running on private radio in Sudbury encouraging people to vote NDP.

"Secret job offers ... that's just dirty politics by Thibeault and the Liberals,” a portion of the ad says. “Thibeault says he did it all for the people ... what an arrogant BLEEP."

The ad also discusses Andrew Olivier, the former Liberal candidate in Sudbury.

Olivier alleges the Liberal party offered him a job or appointment in exchange for stepping aside — something the Liberals say didn't happen.

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