01/28/2015 04:24 EST | Updated 01/28/2015 05:59 EST

New Jersey Man Creates The Most Epic Snow Campfire

If there is one thing the rest of the world can admire about us Canadians, it's that we know how to make the best of winter.

Even though the Maritimes is currently winding down from Tuesday's blast of snow, and our neighbours down south experienced their own snowstorm earlier this week, one Newton, NJ man found the most Canadian way to warm things up.

In the midst of snowfall in his city, artist Brendan Schaffer of Schaffer Art Studios, created his own giant snow campfire sculpture, accompanied by a giant marshmallow on a giant twig.

"I shovelled all the snow into a huge pile and had to use a ladder and garbage can to get it as big as I did," he says. "It took four to five hours to sculpt, and I coloured it with food colouring and water."

The sculpture is located at the Fairview Lake YMCA, and Schaffer says he was inspired to make it because of his work with kids.

"I work with guests and perform at the campfire with children of all ages singing silly songs, telling stories, and wow-ing them with my magic smoke signal readings," he says.

And while the campfire is currently on display for his community, we only wonder what he'll make next. Can we offer a Canadian suggestion? Poutine please!

H/T: The Weather Network

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