01/29/2015 07:16 EST | Updated 03/31/2015 05:59 EDT

Couple searching for owner of century-old notebook

"Many a home has been saddened
By the sound of many a gun. 
But many a home will be brightened
when we have Hitler on the run."

A Toronto couple are trying to find the person who penned those words, from a notebook found on a bench outside Fern Avenue Public School in the city's west end last year.

The notebook has entries dating as far back as 1915.

"It's emotional for me thinking about getting this book back to the person,” said Alex Sayers, whose husband Nathan found the notebook when taking their daughter to a swimming class.

“And if it was my grandmother, I think she'd appreciate getting it back."

Take a look at CBC Toronto reporter Makda Ghebreslassie's report, and see if you can help the couple solve the literary mystery.