01/29/2015 09:43 EST | Updated 03/31/2015 05:59 EDT

Drew Love, McGill University Athletics Director, to step down

Starting next fall there will be a new person in charge of athletics at McGill University.

CBC News Montreal has learned that Drew Love​, McGill University's executive director of Athletics and Recreation, is planning to retire at the end of August.

"I'm ready to retire, my family and I are going to move back to Ottawa in the summer, I have to get a house up for sale, I've got kids to get in school, my wife has a job offer and so you put all of that together and I just wanted to give the university plenty of time to plan for their search for a replacement," Love said. 

Love told his co-workers about his decision this week but the University has yet to make a formal announcement. 

'Business as usual'

Love said his decision to retire won't affect the day-to-day operations of McGill's athletics department.

"I'm not leaving until the summer, so this is business as usual for the next four to five months," Love said.

He has plans to announce the hiring of a new head football coach to replace Clint Uttley within the next two weeks.

Uttley resigned last fall in protest after a football player facing criminal charges was kicked off the McGill Redmen team.

CBC sports reporter Doug Gelevan asked Love if his decision to retire now was related to the tumultuous year for the McGillRedmen.

In the last year four players faced criminal charges including sexual assault, assault, and uttering threats. All of the charges have been dropped. 

Love said there was no link between the incidents and his retirement decision.

"Some situations aren't perfect but I wouldn't say that it's a situation that is one that in itself made me make any decisions as to where I'm going. This is something that I've been contemplating for a while and I think it's just time for me to do that now and it works well with my family."

Love has headed the athletics department at McGill since 2007. Prior to that he was the athletics director for Carleton University in Ottawa.

Love said he would prefer not to choose his successor.

"I report to the deputy provost (Ollivier Dynes), so the deputy provost will think about the process about they will go about identifying candidates," Love said.