01/29/2015 08:19 EST | Updated 01/30/2015 01:59 EST

ICBC's Top Fraud Files of 2014 Sure Are Head-Scratching

For instance, a travel blog revealed holes in a woman’s claim.

Dimitri Otis via Getty Images

ICBC has released a list of its top fraud files of 2014, highlighting some of the bizarre scams that the auto insurance body encountered last year.

Some of them include a driver who reported a hit-and-run — when it turned out he was the one who hit-and-ran; a travel blog that busted a woman’s claim; and a driver who didn't take no for an answer.

The cases are just a handful of the schemes ICBC brought to Crown counsel in 2014. A total of 131 charges were laid against 100 defendants, and the corporation maintains an average conviction rate of approximately 90 per cent, it says.

ICBC estimates 10 to 15 per cent of their insurance claims have an element of fraud or exaggeration to them, and says “preventing and investigating fraud is one way ICBC keeps claim costs down.”

See all of the top fraud files:

Photo gallery ICBC Top Fraud Files of 2014 See Gallery

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