01/29/2015 03:59 EST | Updated 03/31/2015 05:59 EDT

Marriage proposals study looks at psychology behind epic and modest suitors

What does your marriage proposal say about you? We may be about to find out — the psychology behind successful and failed marriage proposals is the subject of a new study at the University of Victoria.

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Lisa Hoplock, a Phd candidate in the Department of Psychology, has previously conducted research on how people start a relationship by flirting, and what they do to look for and get support in those romantic quests.

"I like to look at how personality traits like self esteem affects people's thoughts, feelings and behaviours in situations that have an equal opportunity for reward or costs," said Hoplock.

The topic of marriage proposals kept on popping up in her research. When she looked into it further, she realized that marriage proposals hadn't been studied much.

"How can we better understand this ritual that takes place?" said Hoplock.

Epic proposals - extroverted or uncertain?

Hoplock's research will include conducting interviews about more personal proposals and examining YouTube videos of epic marriage proposals.

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"I'm wondering if sometimes these people are really extroverted and they like the attention," said Hoplock.

Her other hypothesis is that epic marriage proposals may stem from the proposer's uncertainty.

"Maybe they think that they'll pressure [their partner] into saying yes because it's in front of 100,000 people."

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Simple sit-down or super extravagant?

Hoplock's own marriage proposal was a sit-down discussion with her partner.

"That ... served as a reminder that they're not all these big proposals," said Hoplock. "There's quite a range and not everyone's going to go out there and do something super extravagant."

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