01/30/2015 08:47 EST | Updated 01/30/2015 10:59 EST

Katy Perry's 'Super Bowl' Outfit Isn't Subtle At All

Did you know that Katy Perry is performing at the Super Bowl on Sunday?

Well, if you didn't, you know now thanks to the not-so-subtle outfit she wore at the NFL press conference at the Phoenix Convention Center on Thursday.

For the occasion, the "Dark Horse" singer sported an NFL-inspired crop top with a football print (laces out!) and a matching pleated mini-skirt. Even her accessories were football themed, with a sparkly football-shaped necklace and earrings completing the cute look.

"I think I'm the only person to ever do a half time show who brings a lion and sharks to the show," she said at the press conference. "It's going to be wild out there. I'm creating three or four different worlds."

But will she be able to top Beyonce's gorgeous lace and leather Super Bowl halftime outfit? Katy sure thinks so!

"My entrance and exit are spectacular," she said. "The costumes are great, the music, I have a lot of songs to cover so there will be some medley of sorts."

She continued, "It's a larger than life show and, there will be costumes, I have 12-and-a-half minutes so I am going to take the opportunity to show a few looks, this is exciting. It is going to be a very colourful performance."

We can't wait!

She's worn some kooky outfits:

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