01/30/2015 04:37 EST | Updated 01/30/2015 04:59 EST

Toronto Girl Madison Tevlin Destroys Every Down Syndrome Stereotype With Singing

There is really no stopping a 13-year-old girl when she puts her mind into something.

Madison Tevlin, a Toronto girl who is diagnosed with Down syndrome, loves music and loves performing — even though, according to Down Syndrome Education International, "very few people with Down syndrome will ever be able to sing."

In the video above, Madison goes above and beyond anyone's expectations, showing first the bravery to put herself on camera singing — something that's difficult under any circumstances — and the tenacity to memorize and emotionally perform John Legend's, "All Of Me."

Interspersed throughout are statistics that could have held her back, but instead, only seemed to serve to push Madison further. We don't know about you, but we'll be using this as our inspiration for a long time to come.

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