01/30/2015 01:33 EST | Updated 04/01/2015 05:59 EDT

Rob Anders, Blocked From Wildrose Party Leadership Bid, Seeks Clarification


Calgary MP Rob Anders says he still hopes to run for the leadership for the Wildrose Party despite being told he does not qualify because he will not have been a member for six months prior to the leadership vote set for June 6.

The six-term backbencher says he has sent a letter asking for clarification about the party's decision to bar him from running.

Anders told CBC Radio’s As It Happens on Thursday night that he tried a number of times in December to renew his party membership.

He says he has been a party member since 2009, however sometimes correspondence from the party refers to him as Rob and sometimes Robert.

But Anders says he’s confident the matter can be sorted out.

“And I may still meet the requirement regardless because, like I said, I’ve had memberships and things sent to me both under Rob Anders and under Robert Anders,” he said.

“I think the grassroots, the common sense of the common people should prevail, and we’ve asked for the packets with regard to seeking a local nomination and also for the leadership race and we’ll see where that proceeds.”

After losing two federal Conservative nomination bids in the Calgary area, the six-term MP wants to run for the leadership of the provincial Wildrose Party.

Anders is known for his strong social conservative views and has gained attention for his sometimes inflammatory statements, including his opposition to granting honorary citizenship to Nelson Mandela, branding the South African leader a communist and a terrorist.

He says wants to run on a platform of a promise to cut taxes in the province.

“Alberta needs to make sure that we maintain our Alberta advantage in low taxes,” he said. 

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