Coke's Super Bowl Ad Takes On The Trolls Of The World

What is it, exactly, about corn syrup and carbonation that will stop the bullying of online trolls and bickering TV hosts? We're not sure, but we're willing to give it a try.

In Coke's 2015 Super Bowl ad, they pushed forward their #MakeItHappy campaign, which urges people to turn the negativity of the world into something positive, however they can.

Bullying, trolling and open hostility do thrive online, so any company (and particularly one sold in more than 200 countries) doing its part to alleviate that is appreciated in our books.

So even if we do need to point out that you should never, ever have sugary drinks anywhere near delicate electronics, we will say cheers, Coke, and here's to spreading the happiness.

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