02/02/2015 10:52 EST | Updated 04/04/2015 05:59 EDT

A sketch of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird as he is about to resign

OTTAWA - A sketch of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, who sources say is about to resign from the Harper cabinet and will not seek re-election:

Age — 45

Hometown — Ottawa (formerly Nepean, Ont.)

Nickname — Rusty

Elected federally — January 2006

Previous cabinet portfolios — Treasury Board, Environment, Infrastructure, Transport, government House leader.

Elected to Ontario legislature — 1995

Ontario cabinet — Served as chief whip for the Mike Harris Progressive Conservative government; minister of community and social services, minister of energy, minister of francophone affairs.

Education — Bachelor of Arts, Queen's University.

Youth — President of the youth wing of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party.

Private life — Single, vegetarian, cat lover.