02/02/2015 09:56 EST | Updated 02/02/2015 11:59 EST

16 Things You Won't Believe Canadians Have Done To Survive Winter

We're deep into winter now, and there's no question that snowstormscreate inconveniences.

But Canadians, we know how to cope. When winter bears down on the Great White North, ingenious residents can still find all sorts of creative ways to take advantage of the cold and snow.

We may whine, but we also endure. Here are a few things that Canadians have done to survive the winter season.

They've built an ice castle on a lake.

Actually, they've built numerous ice castles.

They've taken shelter in a colourful igloo.

They've made a HUGE snowman ...

An army of snowmen ...

"Tens of thousands." "But, my lord, there is no such force!"

They've stood in a self-heating bus shelter.

Or done snow yoga.

They've built a backyard luge track.

No, we mean SERIOUSLY awesome.

They've proposed a city skateway.

They've built a giant wall of snow ...

They've become sculptors ...

Or they've shovelled shirtless in -10 degree weather (that's Celsius, of course).

In any case, Canadians endure. But they also know how to have fun doing it.

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