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All The Times Jamie Dornan Lured Us In With His Bedroom Eyes (PHOTOS)

Oh Jamie Dornan, how you make our hearts race!

The actor, who's about to bare all (we hope) on screen as Christian Grey In "Fifty Shades Of Grey," is hands down, one of our favourite actors in Hollywood right now (in case you couldn't tell). And today, we're taking a moment to get lost in those big blue eyes of his. (Seriously, we can't resist them. If he was staring right at us, we're not sure we'd be able to do anything but stare back, speechless.)

Don't believe us? Just keep scrolling, let his eyes do all the talking, and get lost with us. (You're welcome.)

Well, Hello There!
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images
"I'll Be In The Bedroom In Just A Minute..."
Jon Furniss via Getty Images
"I'm just autographing this white cloth."
"How You Doooiiin?"
Antony Jones via Getty Images
Just fine Jamie, just fine.
"I Want To Wake Up Next To You"
Fred Duval via Getty Images
"So I can stare back into your eyes and kiss you all morning."
"Hey There, Beautiful."
Dave M. Benett via Getty Images
"Would you like to join me for dinner? On me."
"I Love Your Style..."
Nick Harvey via Getty Images
"I think I can complement it well."
"I Just Got Back From Vacation..."
Dave Hogan via Getty Images
"But I was thinking about you the whole time."
"Hey Babe, Let's Cuddle And Watch Netflix."
Simon James via Getty Images
(The Fall, naturally).
"Let's Go For A Walk..."
Ian Gavan via Getty Images
"I just want to hold your hand."
"Wait, You Want To See What's Under This Shirt?"
Dave M. Benett via Getty Images
"We can arrange for that."
"I Got Dressed Up All Nice Just For You!"
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images
"Do you like my bowtie?"
"Does The Rugged Look Turn You On?"
Mike Marsland via Getty Images
Yes, yes it does.
"Come On, Just Stay A Little Longer."
Jason Kempin via Getty Images
Anything for you Jamie.
"I'm So Glad I Get To See Your Beautiful Face All The Time."
Amanda Edwards via Getty Images
Even When He Was With Keira Knightley, We Couldn't Resist His Gaze
Niki Nikolova via Getty Images
Jamie forever!

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