02/02/2015 05:09 EST | Updated 04/04/2015 05:59 EDT

Online petition asks Regina city council to reconsider strip club

REGINA - There's a call for a re-vote after Regina city council rejected an application for a strip club last week.

David Epp has started an online petition that had attracted 1,900 supporters by Sunday.

Epp feels council's decision was based on personal thoughts and morals instead of the law.

He argues that opening a strip club is legal and that the applicants have followed city regulations.

Mayor Michael Fougere (foo-ZHAYR') says council is paying attention to the growing petition, but he doesn't think the application will be revisited.

He says a big concern councillors had was for the safety of women and men who would work at the strip club.

"While the planning commission said yes, and it does meet those requirements, the obligation of city council is to look at the wider impact on the community," Fougere said.

"This kind of operation tends to attract some unsavoury activity, human trafficking, drug abuse, those kinds of issues."

But the mayor didn't entirely close the door.

"Another application for this in the future may have a different result."