02/02/2015 12:15 EST

Reusing K-Cups In Your Home For Adorable Purposes

It happens every morning, and gets worse as the week goes on — the K-Cups from your Keurig machine pile up higher and higher.

In 2013 Green Mountain Keurig produced over eight billion K-Cups, none of which are recyclable, according to Mother Jones. The damage these little guys could do seems overwhelming, especially after a recent video posted by Halifax’s Egg Studios suggests a Cloverfield-style destruction of the world by K-Cups.

But don’t fear a K-Cupocalypse just yet. Good Housekeeping offers five ways to reuse these coffee makers to ensure you get good use of them. Have a green thumb? They’re the perfect way to coax along seedlings, or organize all those little bits and pieces in your life like buttons and paper clips.

It might seem silly to find a way to reuse these little cups, but saving them from the trash means you’re also saving them from our ecosystem.

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