02/02/2015 12:00 EST | Updated 04/04/2015 05:59 EDT

Superbowl ads: B.C. filmmakers win $50,000 with Doritos commercial

While yesterday's Super Bowl was a disappointing loss for the Seattle Seahawks, it was a win for two filmmakers from Maple Ridge, B.C.

Brothers Nelson and Graham Talbot picked up $50,000 after their Doritos commercial won second place in the Super Bowl advertisement competition.

After making the short-list of ten finalists, the pair were invited to Phoenix for the game, and learned they had won second place when the ad was shown during yesterday's broadcast.

In the commercial actor Brendan Taylor plays Farmer Ralph, and young Ladner actor Keegan Turbitt plays a boy who designs a rocket pack for Bernard the pig.

Speaking from a party in Maple Ridge last night, Taylor says he's proud the commercial stood out from the 4,900 submission from 29 countries.

"I think it's really awesome that a Canadian — especially a B.C.-made film or commercial — can be aired in front of so many people. It just goes to prove that like anything's possible," said Taylor.

SFU graduates worked from parents' basement

The twin brothers, who are both film graduates from SFU, said the idea for a flying pig came about after hours of brainstorming.

"Our commercial is about a little boy who wants Doritos and he has to make pigs fly in order to get it," said Talbot, 25. 

They studied what Doritos wanted and geared their idea towards a formula that included kids and animals. They produced the commercial from the basement of their parents' Maple Ridge house.

The pig was a bit problematic, as was the uncooperative Metro Vancouver weather.

The commercial called for sunny skies, but it was cloudy that day and the pig was uncooperative, wandering off on its own or holding up production by going to the bathroom a lot while the camera rolled.

The brothers also entered the competition last year.

Canadian filmmaker Devon Ferguson also made the final ten with her commercial Selfish Sneezers.

The winner of the competition, Scott Zabielski, picked up $1 million and a job  with Universal Pictures in California for his commercial about man on an airplane trying to dissuade other passengers from sitting beside him, until he spots an attractive woman.