02/02/2015 13:54 EST | Updated 04/04/2015 05:59 EDT

Target Canada liquidation sales this Thursday will be 'like Black Friday'

It’s the news many shoppers have been waiting for: Target Canada liquidation sales are set to hit all stores this Thursday, according to internal company emails obtained by CBC News.

U.S.-based Target announced last month that it was closing its 133 stores in Canada and laying off about 17,600 employees. It is also seeking bankruptcy protection. 

According to court records, the company aims to have court approval on Wednesday for a group of liquidation companies to sell off all store contents.

"If the liquidation is approved by the court, Target Canada expects that liquidation would begin within a few days," Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder told CBC News in an email.

However, internal company emails show Target Canada is gearing up to start the fire sale this Thursday.

According to the emails, the company predicts discount shoppers will rush the stores.

"We expect Thursday sales to double compared to a normal Thursday," explains a Target Canada email sent to select staff on Jan. 30 about the start of liquidation sales.

"Thursday will be like Black Friday," says a senior B.C. human resources employee, in a separate email to some staff. Black Friday is a huge sales event, with retail outlets offering deep discounts the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving in November.

She also calls for "all [cashier] lanes open through the weekend and all hands on deck," plus swift unloading of new cargo, and notes trucks will arrive more often, packed with products: "We need to work the trucks and empty them every day."

The HR manager also writes there will be "hardcore marketing," ranging from flyers to banners, and that the sales will run for seven to eight weeks on average.

She also writes that "Liquidator Consultants" will be assigned to specific stores. She explains they will finalize store closure procedures and visit Target Canada locations on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The HR employee notes liquidators "will be 100 per cent responsible for all decisions on pricing, merchandising, etc."

For this clearance sale, everything must go from merchandise to — eventually — store furnishings and equipment.

According to court documents, the liquidation sale will not include any marketing using the term: "going out of business."