Tiger Cub And Dog Become Best Friends, We Forget All About Winter

One of the groundhogs may have failed us, but at least we can count on this tiger cub and puppy to warm up our hearts.

The unlikely duo, Hunter the tiger and Chelsea the dog, are best friends at The Farm Inn Hotel and Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa. In the video above by Baycroft TV, the two are seen play fighting in the grass and dirt, while other photos from Facebook suggest the two love hanging out in all kinds of muddy spots.

Anthea Michaletos of The Farm Inn says the three-month old tiger was separated from his mother when she started acting aggressive towards him. When she let Hunter play with her puppy Chelsea, they bonded almost immediately.

But all "awws" and "awwwwwwws" aside, this cute friendship may have to end sooner than we had hoped. Watch the video above to find out why.

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