02/02/2015 07:08 EST | Updated 02/02/2015 08:59 EST

Toronto Snow Photos Show City's Sense Of Humour

Toronto was walloped with a winter storm on Monday.

Twenty-two centimetres of the white stuff fell overnight, reported CBC News. The bitter cold brought temperatures down, making it feel like -26 degrees Celsius with wind chill.

The weather gave Torontonians plenty to whine about. But credit is due to people who found something to laugh at amid school closures and commuter chaos.

Here are the funniest ways that Torontonians dealt with the snow on social media:

How me and @karlsev made it to work today. #starwars #snowstorm #tauntaun #hoth #toronto

A photo posted by Zane Sahadath (@thezan3) on

All this snow has got me feeling like #snowTO #amiright

A photo posted by @qoweuqwe on

You know how some cars have headlights that make a face? #minicooper #ofdoom #snowto

A photo posted by Melissa Shapiro (@shappy_yyz) on

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