Lessons We Should All Learn From The University Of Vagina

If there's one thing guaranteed to make a class of Canadian second-graders giggle, it's asking them the capital of Saskatchewan. And apparently, that works on fully-grown football fans too.

After Seattle Seahawks' player Jon Ryan revealed at Super Bowl XLIX that his alma mater was the University of Regina, many viewers thought he had said "University of Vagina."

But after we rolled our eyes, it got us thinking: what exactly would a University of Vagina look like? We mean, other than this scene out of "Patch Adams":

It seemed like the perfect time to impart a few lessons we've learned along the way about the incredible things the vagina can do — and just as importantly, how to keep it healthy and happy. Pay attention, class. And if you already know these vagina facts, full marks!

Infographic courtesy of HB Health of Knightsbridge Ltd