02/03/2015 11:50 EST | Updated 02/03/2015 11:59 EST

Beauty Pageant Runner-Up Snatches Crown From Winner In Shocking Video

So much for losing with grace!

Sheislane Hayalla was named runner-up in the Miss Amazon pageant (called Miss Amazonas in Portuguese) held in Brazil last Friday, but girl wasn't ready to give up the crown without a fight.

The Brazilian contestant nearly knocked over the queen—winner Carolina Toledo—when she lunged for her head, grabbing the Miss Amazon 2015 tiara in a fit of rage.

In the shocking video above, the drama happened just after judges announced Toledo as the winner. Hayalla is seen turning around and snatching the tiara, throwing it to the ground, pointing her finger at Toledo and having a few heated words before stomping off stage.

According to The Mirror, Sheislane claims that Carolina bought her way to the title, saying, "Money talks in Manaus [the city where the pageant was held] and I wanted to show the Amazon people money doesn't talk here." She continued, saying, "She didn't deserve the title."

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