02/03/2015 05:44 EST | Updated 04/05/2015 05:59 EDT

'Dangerous' missing Ontario patients slipped by N.B. RCMP, says motel owner

A motel owner in Doaktown, N.B., says she and her husband are frustrated after trying to help police catch two patients missing from a mental health facility in Ontario over the weekend.

Glenna Taylor says she told the RCMP exactly what time Cara Duval and Joseph Pepin would be at the Taylor Motel on Sunday, but officers showed up late, after the pair had already left.

Now Taylor is worried she and her husband have made themselves targets by revealing the whereabouts of Duval and Pepin, who police believe pose a "significant threat to public safety."

"If they had just come up that hour, they were supposed to come," they might have captured them, she told CBC News on Tuesday.

Duval, who also goes by the last name Donnelly, and Pepin were reported missing from the North Bay Regional Health Centre's mental health and law program on Jan. 22, after they failed to return from permitted off-unit privileges.

Mary Lugli of the North Bay police said Duval and Pepin had been found not criminally responsible for their actions and are part of a program to be reintegrated into the community, but still require monitoring and supervision and "could be dangerous."

Police have requested the public's help in locating them. Anyone who sees them is advised to keep their distance and call 911 immediately.

Wanted to rent apartment

Taylor said Duval and Pepin showed up at her motel on Main Street on Jan. 26, hoping to rent one of the apartments in the building.

She said she had no vacancies at the time and asked them to come back on the weekend. It was only later that she realized the pair matched the description of the missing patients.

Taylor said she called the RCMP and told them the two people were coming back on Feb. 1, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

​Duval and Pepin showed up at the appointed time, but her husband told them he wasn't comfortable renting an apartment to them.

"About 15 minutes later, up come three Mounties," said Taylor.

She told the officer he had just missed them. "Said, 'I told you the very hour.'"

"And he says, 'There was a breathalyzer test and something else going on, and 'We could have come up here and waited till midnight and they might not have shown up.'"

RCMP Cpl. Chantal Farrah said that although the officers were busy elsewhere, they did get some important new information from the Doaktown incident.

"What we did get from that sighting was new information on another car that they're possibly driving. Because if you recall, at the beginning, we had information about a dark coloured car, with Ontario plates. But now, from the Doaktown sighting, we have that they possibly are driving a grey coloured car with New Brunswick plates," she said.

Duval and Pepin were last seen heading north on Highway 8 in an older model grey vehicle, similar to a Chrysler Intrepid, with a New Brunswick licence plate, said Farrah.

They were previously seen travelling in a black, four-door, 2006 Volkswagen Jetta, with Ontario licence plate BRVK449, when they were captured on video surveillance at an Irving gas station on Hanwell Road in Hanwell, N.B., on Jan. 27.

Duval and Pepin are now believed to be in Nova Scotia. They were spotted at the Truro Library, said Truro police.

They also tried to rent an apartment in the town, but were not recognized until after they had left, police said.

Duval, 37, is described as 5-1, 117 pounds, with brown shoulder-length hair, usually kept in a ponytail, brown eyes, and a scar between her eyebrows. She was last seen wearing a three-quarter length blue coat with a fur-trimmed hood, pink boots and a blue and black tuque.

Pepin, 39, is six feet tall, 174 pounds, with short brown hair, a goatee and blue eyes. He may be wearing a short black coat or a three-quarter length grey coat, jeans, running shoes and a dark baseball cap.