Indonesian Man Is Still Best Friends With Bengal Tiger (VIDEO)

He calls himself the Tiger Nanny for all the right reasons: Abdullah Sholeh has befriended a Bengal tiger for more than eight years now.

Sholeh, a student from Malang, Indonesia, began taking care of Mulan in 2008 after he was asked to babysit the three-month old tiger after her owner was unable to take care of her.

Sholeh lives with Mulan, sleeps with the tiger and even play fights with the 392-pound predator — which can also look like a vicious attack from miles away.

"Mulan is a spoiled tiger. She is exactly like my best friend," he tells Barcroft TV in the video above. "Having a little scar from her doesn't mean anything to me.. getting a scratch or even a bite from her is a common thing."

And while she just may be a giant version of a house cat, there are risks Sholeh has to consider. Watch the video above to find out what the two are up to today.

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