New Yorker Cartoon Eviscerates Anti-Vaccine Parents

A totally preventable disease is making a comeback.

The measles is back in the news following an outbreak at Disneyland. There are also four confirmed cases in Toronto, and there could be more.

The spread of the disease has brought new scrutiny to anti-vaccine advocates, who choose not to immunize their children for a number of reasons.

The New Yorker has joined many people in criticizing anti-vaccine parents for their decisions with the following cartoon, which was posted to its Facebook page on Monday.

Though the cartoon may be biting and clever, others have warned pro-vaccine voices against polarizing the topic.

Dartmouth College professor Brendan Nyhan wrote in a New York Times op-ed that using alienating language, such as when a UCLA disease specialist called anti-vaccine parents "selfish" and "dumb," could actually "driv[e] people away rather than persuad[e] them."

We know The New Yorker was being smart and satirical with this cartoon. But there's reason to question how many "idiots" it will convince to immunize their kids against measles.