02/04/2015 09:08 EST | Updated 04/06/2015 05:59 EDT

John Baird steps back, NDP pays back on Wednesdays with @Kady

Today on our Wednesdays with @Kady live chat:

- John Baird surprised nearly everyone, from the prime minister's office on down, when word leaked out Monday night that he would resign from federal politics. Why did he leave now? What's next for him personally? What impact does it have on Harper's Conservatives? Will he be missed? And what should Canadians make of it, coming mere months before an election, with numerous serious policy files unresolved on the foreign affairs minister's desk?

- The House of Commons board of internal economy decided behind closed doors Tuesday to force 68 MPs to pay back $2.7M in expenses incurred to set up satellite offices for the party outside Ottawa. The New Democrats call this process a "kangaroo court" and are headed to a real court room to challenge the board's interpretation of the rules. What does this mean, as parties prepare for their final push towards the 2015 hustings?

- Friday's anti-terrorism bill set off a series of good questions about civil rights, Parliamentary oversight and budget cuts to security agencies. As ISIS continues to use the murder of foreign hostages as a recruiting tool and Canadian security agencies continue to crack down on organizers inside our borders, what's your reaction to the bill — do you applaud the new measures? do you feel they'll be effective? How clear are the parties positions as the fight against ISIS evolves?

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