02/04/2015 02:49 EST | Updated 02/06/2015 01:59 EST

Mark's Offers Discounts Based On Temperature At Toronto Locations

One of Canada’s most prominent men's fashion chains is letting its fortunes rise and fall with the weather.

As of this week, Mark’s stores in Greater Toronto are offering an in-store discount based on the day’s temperature. For the next two weeks, all 48 GTA stores will offer discounts based on the day’s forecasted low.

If it works, the Canadian Tire-owned chain says it may expand the idea to other cities — but based on different metrics, not the temperature. It's mulling discounts based on millimetres of rain in Vancouver or snow in Winnipeg.

(We’re guessing that if they went by temperature, they’d have to charge extra to Vancouverites and go bankrupt in Winnipeg.)

The idea isn’t entirely unique. A local Quebec City poutine-and-burgers chain, Chez Ashton, has apparently been doing this for years:

For Quebecers, that’s quite a discount -- the average low in February in the city is about minus-15 celsius.

In Toronto, the Mark’s promotion would barely have made an impact in a typical winter, as the average February low in the city is a comparably mild minus-6.

But this year has been particularly nasty, and long-term weather forecasts promise double-digit discounts at Mark's through much of the two-week promotion.

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