02/04/2015 05:25 EST | Updated 04/06/2015 05:59 EDT

Montreal's police officer 'No. 728' to have trial in June 2016 on assault charge

MONTREAL - A Montreal police officer best known by her badge number — No. 728 — won't go to trial before June 2016 on an assault charge in connection with a highly publicized arrest caught on video.

Stefanie Trudeau is suspended with pay and facing a charge in connection with the October 2012 arrest that went viral.

Trudeau earned the nickname "Officer 728" after videos surfaced online of her allegedly roughing up student demonstrators during Quebec's student unrest during the spring of 2012.

She was not in court Wednesday as her lawyer filed a motion asking for a stay of proceedings.

Jean-Pierre Rancourt is claiming the Crown acted in bad faith by dropping charges against the citizens she was trying to arrest so they could testify against her.

The defence is also asking for the stay because of what he says is an unreasonable delay of 18 months between the incident and the laying of charges.

In December, the charges against Trudeau were downgraded to a summary offence, which carries a shorter maximum jail sentence.

The motion and a possible trial will be heard beginning June 6, 2016.