02/05/2015 06:41 EST | Updated 02/05/2015 06:59 EST

Bodybuilding Women Prove That Fit Is Sexy (PHOTOS)

Fit girls of the world are here to show us that strong is definitely sexy!

So to all those who never thought defined muscles on females could look hot, think again! The ladies below are physical proof that being built is downright smokin'.

By sharing their training regimens, healthy diets, and stunning photos online, these women stand as an inspiration to others who want to get fit (and be proud of their bodies). Their posts are all about embracing their killer bods and encouraging others to partake in a healthy lifestyle, without shaming anyone.

And while we all don't all crave (or need) the same type of strict fitness routine, we can definitely admire their hard work and dedication. (Those bikini pics, though.)

So here's to all the fit ladies out there—this one's for you!

We'll Take Two Tickets To The Gun Show, Thx.


Those Shoulders Would Definitely Look Hot In A Strapless Dress

A photo posted by jelenafit (@jelenafit) on

Toned And Beautiful

Fit And Fabulous

If Only We Looked This Good At The Gym


Fitness Beauty Queen

Proof That Hard Work Pays Off

Get it gurl!

Yup, Definitely Sexy


Proud To Be Fit

NPC Figure Competitor Jennifer Pirragila »»» follow her »»» @jpirrfit @jpirrfit

A photo posted by �INSTAGRAM FIGURE ATHLETES� (@figureathletes) on

As she should be.

Now That's Hot!

We're amazed.

Holy Defined Muscles!

Strong And Stunning

Smiles to all of you!� at the jym with @dee_fab

A photo posted by ���������� Suni LaBestia (@sunifit) on

Hitting All The Muscle Groups

Current situation. Leg day 😥😄

A photo posted by Maey (@maey825) on

And looking great doing it.

Yup, Muscles Are Sexy


A photo posted by STEPHANIE DAVIS (@stephaniedavisfitness) on

Abs For Days

A photo posted by Nykol Hincová (@nykoel) on

And those shoulders tho...

Legs All Day

Muscle Chicks Forever!

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