02/05/2015 12:04 EST | Updated 02/05/2015 12:59 EST

Charlotte McKinney, Carl's Jr.'s Super Bowl Model, Dazzles In North Of Nine Video

Fresh from a sexy commercial for Carl's Jr. that aired during the Super Bowl, model Charlotte McKinney is heating up once more — this time in a music video.

The model appears in the video for North of Nine's "Can It Be You?", which was posted to YouTube Monday.

She plays an attractive nurse for singer Jackson Guthy, who is suffering from a bad case of heartbreak.

McKinney looks dazzling in a figure-hugging white dress, especially when she takes Guthy into a room for a hot (but relatively chaste) makeout session.

That seems like more than enough to cure heartbreak for us!

McKinney has so far spent her career fending off her reputation as the "next Kate Upton" and we certainly see the similarities.

But, like her, we look forward to seeing Charlotte come into her own.

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