02/04/2015 09:18 EST | Updated 04/07/2015 05:59 EDT

Baby Turtles, Drugs, Among Items Seized At Winnipeg And Calgary Airports

Drugs and weapons and turtles, oh my!

missy & the universe/Flickr
CALGARY - Baby tortoises and turtles were among the items seized in 2014 by the Canada Border Services Agency at airports in Calgary and Winnipeg.

The agency released its annual report on the two locations Wednesday.

In January, the agency says a young traveller at the Calgary airport tried to smuggle two baby tortoises in the pockets of his sweatshirt while in August, 11 baby turtles were rescued by CBSA officers after they were found alive inside a courier shipment.

Officers in Calgary also seized 6.7 kilograms of heroin from Tanzania that was concealed in sophisticated false bottom suitcases, resulting in a 10-year sentence for the would-be smuggler.

Meanwhile, officers at the Winnipeg airport made 37 drug-related seizures, including eight kilograms of khat — an African plant that when chewed produces effects similar to amphetamine.

It had come in from the Netherlands in a shipment declared as a vintage stereo.

In September and October, two separate shipments each containing 500 pills of suspected oxycodone and acetaminophen were found inside a package declared as cross-stitch pillows from Hong Kong.

Calgary officers made a total of 234 drug seizures yielding 177 kilograms of drugs, most commonly khat and steroids.

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