02/05/2015 07:34 EST | Updated 04/07/2015 05:59 EDT

Kay Landeen celebrates 104th birthday

Living to age 100 is already a major milestone, but not many people can boast of turning 104 — that is unless you're Kay Landeen.

A party was held in her honour today at the Confederation Park Activity Centre.

"I think this is wonderful. I never expected anything like this," she said.

Kay turned 104-years-old on Wednesday. Born in 1911 in Buffalo, New York, she moved to Saskatchewan with her parents as a young child.

She got married in 1944 and moved to Calgary, and that's when she knew she had arrived home. 

Calgary is home

"I've travelled a lot — been to Russia, Egypt, Japan, and Paris and Italy and Hawaii," she said. "I still like Calgary the best. I don't think I would want to live anywhere else."

Kay still lives on her own and continues to do a little bit of baking. 

"She has more energy than us young people, so it's just amazing," said her granddaughter-in-law Teresa Temple.

Part of Kay's daily routine includes walking about eight blocks a day.

"I really enjoy walking. I feel good when I come home," Kay said.

A walk a day

Kay's youngest granddaughter Linda Temple says her grandmother is an inspiration. 

"I think she would say a positive attitude and going for walks every day are part of what keeps her young," she said.

As for the key to her longevity, Kay isn't so forthcoming.

"It's a secret I don't give," she laughed.

When asked how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, Kay didn't want a single gift. And no cake either. She asked for apple pie instead.