02/05/2015 09:05 EST | Updated 02/05/2015 09:59 EST

Monopoly Replaces Game Bills With Real Money For Anniversary

Monopoly is turning 80 years old in 2015, and to celebrate, Hasbro is letting you play with real money.

The toymaker has debuted 80 limited-edition Monopoly board games secretly stuffed with real cash. Sixty-nine boxes will contain five 10-euro bills and five 20-euro bills, while ten boxes will hold five 20-euro bills, two 50-euro bills and one 100-euro note.

And the best part? One box will completely replace the standard bank of game money with actual Euros for a grand total of 20,580 Euros — approximately $29,234.49 CDN, according to Mashable.

Those looking to win big by weighing the boxes will be surprised to learn that the games containing the real money don't weigh much more than those with the fakes notes inside. There is a difference in appearance, though, according to The Guardian. Boxes that contain real money expand just a little, setting the box slightly off-kilter.

This isn't the first time a Monopoly box has been secretly stuffed with cash. According to the gamemaker's website, the British Secret Service added real money, maps, compasses and files to Monopoly boxes and smuggled them into POW camps for escapees during the second World War.

But before you tear into your local toy store, take a minute to watch the video above to learn which European country has the money-filled games in stock.