02/05/2015 06:07 EST | Updated 04/07/2015 05:59 EDT

Stolen truckload of beef, salsa recovered within hour

A tractor-trailer stolen overnight in Brampton was recovered in less than an hour, thanks to a GPS tracker. 

The truck company's owner monitored the whole thing from his home computer, and relayed information to police.

"It was like the scene out of a movie. I'm on the phone with the police, the communications centre, and there's cruisers — I assume on the way to intercept the tractor trailer," said John Bains. 

The truck was loaded with beef, pork, salsa and garlic, destined for Costco.

Two years ago — just before the Super Bowl — a rash of chicken wing thefts led the company to upgrade its security. 

"We installed cameras all over the warehouse as well, inside and outside and I guess the GPS really did help," Bains said. 

The truck and trailer were recovered from different locations. Two suspects were taken into custody. Peel Regional Police say the investigation is ongoing. 

Truck thefts — covering everything from electronics to laundry detergent — amount to an estimated $5 billion per year in Canada.