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Vancouver Woman Creates Dating Incentive Website For People To Help Her Find Love

Fancy yourself a free vacation?

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Fancy yourself a free vacation? All you have to do is find this Vancouver woman a fiance.

Fed up with Vancouver's oft-derided dating scene, as well as matchmaker websites and apps, a local woman set up a "dating incentive program" website to encourage others to find her a special someone.

She has chosen to remain "slightly anonymous," but she describes herself as "funny, fit, attractive" as well as "very ambitious." The 29-year-old has her "sh*t together" and wants someone she can settle down with.

"Currently, I am at the point where I am not looking to 'date' anymore, rather I am looking for someone that will hopefully lead to a serious relationship," she writes.

"A match for me would be with a man who has those same values and understands commitment and loyalty to their partner."

There are three levels of incentives for people interested in setting her up.

If she and your match go on five successful dinner dates, you get a $250 prize pack "of your favourite things." If the two of them have "the talk" and become exclusive, you'll get level two: a $500 prize pack.

And if your match proposes to her and she is "in possession of a diamond ring," you'll get a $2,000 destination vacation package for one.

She even lists criteria so that you know what she's looking for (someone between the ages of 29 and 40, who has a broad build and a good sense of humour, for example).

For her, spending money on these incentives is better than what she's paid in dating profile subscription fees and matchmaking service fees.

"I feel like my efforts and money would be better spent getting personal referrals from friends and friends of friends," she writes. "I am happy to then reward those people with incentives and gifts as a win / win solution for everyone."

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