02/07/2015 12:48 EST | Updated 04/09/2015 05:59 EDT

Maritimes continue to dig out and battle cold temperatures

Snow-removal operations are taking place across the Maritimes as all three provinces continue to dig themselves out from heavy snowfalls that occurred earlier this week.

The cold weather isn't helping snow-removal efforts.

Weather forecast

The Maritime region will have a mix of sun and cloud Saturday. In Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, there will be some localized snow squalls.

In Halifax, the temperature is -15 Celsius, while in Fredericton, it's a very chilly -27 Celsius. Temperatures in P.E.I. are around -10 Celsius.

Tonight, temperatures will fall down to -20 Celsius for Nova Scotia and P.E.I., -18 Celsius for southern New Brunswick and -26 Celsius in the northern part of the province.

Nova Scotia road conditions

In Nova Scotia, the provincial transportation department is cautioning people to be aware of black ice. As well, it says snow crews are working 24/7 to clean up roads.

In Halifax, city spokesperson Tiffany Chase says the cold temperatures mean it is difficult to get bare conditions on roads and sidewalks.

“We do have that ice pack around the city that’s currently adhered to our roads and sidewalks and in very cold temperatures, salt is not effective. We will be applying sand where possible to provide traction,” she said.

Chase is also cautioning children not to play in snowbanks located by roads.

“It’s possible that the snow plow operator may not be able to see you if you are playing on a snowbank,” she said.

For sidewalks, the first priorities for clearing them are in downtown Halifax and Dartmouth, followed by sidewalks on transit routes and schools. Cleaning up sidewalks on residential streets is at the bottom of the priority list.

Chase says the sidewalks have been cleared for the first two priority areas and efforts will focus on residential streets today.

“We will be coming through today and into the evening hours,” she said.

New Brunswick road conditions

In Saint John, a state of emergency is still in effect. The city says it has removed 5,000 truckloads of snow since Tuesday.

In Moncton, a city spokesperson says the sunny weather is helping workers remove snow from its priority neighbourhoods. Some banks are as high as seven to 7.5 feet.

In Fredericton, the city's fire department has been tweeting out photos of its own firefighters with shovels clearing hydrants themselves.

P.E.I. road conditions

RCMP say road conditions are good outside Charlottetown, but Charlottetown Police say they have responded to a few fender benders as a result of the snow.

The CBC’s Patrick Faller says that roads are slippery and many two-lane roads feel like one lane. He has also noticed pedestrians walking on roads rather than the sidewalks.

The province has plows out working to widen driveable roads.

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