02/09/2015 11:43 EST | Updated 04/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Angus Reid survey: 3-in-10 Canadians text or email outside work hours

A new survey by an independent research group shows Canadians love their mobile devices, even if that means they work longer hours.

The survey by Angus Reid shows three in every 10 Canadians respond to some emails, calls or texts about work after hours.

The survey, released on Monday, shows that 71 per cent of Canadians say that despite being on the job more because of technology and mobile devices, they still see it as an overall positive for working professionals. 

The survey also found that 40 per cent felt technology such as the Internet, email and smartphones had them working more hours, 51 per cent felt it had no effect and another nine per cent say it reduces the amount of time they spend working. 

"That little blinking light on the phone or that buzz or bell ... Every time that phone goes off, we're checking it. We're almost Pavlovian about it," said Shachi Kurl, senior vice-president of Angus Reid.  

Meanwhile, work-life balance advocates say checking-in too much often leads to a burnout.

"A little boundary ... Instead of going until 12 o' clock at night, maybe end it at nine o' clock or before your morning coffee," said Alycia Hall, a life coach.