02/09/2015 02:04 EST | Updated 04/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Aymar Mboula-Lebala arrested on sexual assault charge

Montreal police are encouraging potential victims to come forward after arresting a man facing a sexual assault charge.

Aymar Mboula-Lebala, 36, was arrested last December.

Investigators allege Mboula-Lebala put an ad on the internet looking to hire waitresses and, in one case, met up with a woman who replied to the ad and assaulted her following a fake job interview during which they both drank alcohol.  

Investigators say they have reason to believe Mboula-Lebala may have assaulted others using the same ploy.

Police describe Mboula-Lebala as having dark skin, stands five feet eight inches tall and weighs 135 pounds.

Anyone who may have been assaulted is asked to visit a police station or call 911 to file a formal complaint.