02/09/2015 20:54 EST | Updated 04/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Community rallies around Norman Collier after devastating fire

Norman Collier lost his home in a devastating fire last week, but he didn't lose his life or his goat.

He'd lived in the home for 20 years that he was forced to flee from.

But when he got outside, he realized a two-month-old goat named Charlie was still inside.

Collier ran back to save Charlie.

"I just grabbed him by the leg and dragged him out," Collier said in an interview.

Collier runs the Wild Things Petting Farm at a farm he rents in Pickering.

The petting zoo home to more than 100 rescued animals, but is currently closed because of the fire.

"It's devastating, of course, right?" Collier said. "It really looks bad."

Collier, who is undergoing cancer treatment, has been making daily trips to the farm, along with Charlie, to look after the animals at the petting zoo. He's also been getting some help from volunteers.

Some of those volunteers have helped organized a crowdfunding campaign that has already raised more than $10,000.

"I've almost gotten over the emotional aspect [of the fire], you know, just because society has been so responsive. It's just unbelievable," said Collier.

Collier is hoping the use the funds to buy a trailer that he can live in.

"I can see living in a trailer, for a year, for all this season anyway," Collier said.

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