02/09/2015 10:44 EST | Updated 04/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Free condoms being offered to youth in New Brunswick bars

AIDS organizations in Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John are providing free condoms at 20 bars and clubs across New Brunswick.

It's part of a seven-week pilot project, called FreeDomes, aimed at getting young people talking about sexual health.

​"It's really a fact of life and we really need to be more open," because many youth don't seem to be getting the message, said Debby Warren, the executive director of AIDS Moncton.

"When you see one in 10 New Brunswick young women in that 20 to 25 age bracket have been diagnosed with chlamydia and one in 20 young men, that's really disconcerting," she said.

"We need to give them factual information and we need to reduce the barriers and challenges they have to access resources that will reduce their risk."

Drew LaPointe, who manages the Moncton Dooly's Billiard Room located across the street from the New Brunswick Community College, says young people are taking notice of the condom dispenser he has set up.

"It's definitely got them talking, like when they come in and they see the dispensers in the bathroom, they're asking us what it's for and if they can take them," he said.

During a recent trial run, 200 condoms were handed out in one night.

"It definitely seems to be pretty popular so far," said LaPointe.

The condom dispensers will be available at the participating bars until March 31.