02/09/2015 12:38 EST | Updated 02/09/2015 12:59 EST

WestJet Sends 2 Couples To Barbados For The Ultimate Valentine's Day Proposal

WestJet has the ability to make us feel all gushy during the holidays, but this Valentine's Day video tops the list for overall sappiness.

The company surprised two bachelors — who just happened to be looking at engagement rings — with a trip to Barbados to shoot a fake commercial. While their girlfriends took the bait, the men got ready to pop the big question.

But there was a catch: They were only allowed to propose when WestJet flight attendant "Ian" told them it was time. (And FYI, though everyone seems to think "Ian" is an actor, the company's YouTube comments imply he in fact is a flight attendant).

The seven-minute video follows the stories of Mike and Heather (who fell in love with each other over a weekend), and J.P. and Stephanie (who have been dating since grade school).

Both couples get to experience the adventure and relaxation portions of their free trip (as we all get jealous), but we also get to see both men freak out when they think it's time to propose.

Watch the video above and expect some tears at the end — you know why.

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