02/10/2015 20:45 EST | Updated 04/12/2015 05:59 EDT

B.C. throne speech was 'half an hour of emptiness', says NDP

The Opposition has slammed the latest speech from the throne for being a waste of time, calling it "30 minutes we won't get back."

B.C.'s Liberal government laid out its vision for the upcoming legislative session on Tuesday, but presented very few new ideas.

Instead the government says they are staying the course — a decision which the NDP leader John Horgan predictably called the wrong one. 

"We have a government today that brought forward a half an hour of emptiness. In fact, the only thing they brought forward this year was to reduce taxation by $230 million, the taxation for the highest two per cent of wage earners in B.C."

Horgan adds the government has presented three thrones speeches in the last year and only now is it mentioning the forest industry.

But Premier Christy Clark defended the speech, saying her government was focused on LNG development and balancing the budget.

"We indicated that plan in September 2011, we ran on it, we worked on it, we were re-elected on it and we have continued with that plan," she said.

Clark would not get into any details on the budget that will be presented next Tuesday.     

The legislative session will span 12 weeks and finish at the end of May.