02/09/2015 12:48 EST | Updated 04/12/2015 05:59 EDT

1st Canadian Family With 3 Parents On Birth Certificate Grows

Canada's first family to have three parents listed on a birth certificate has just gotten bigger.

Marili Forastieri via Getty Images

Canada's first family to have three parents listed on a birth certificate has just gotten bigger.

In 2013, Della Wolf Kangro Wiley Richards was born to lesbian parents Anna Richards and Daniella Wiley, and their male friend Shawn Kangro in B.C.

When CBC's The Early Edition spoke with the family last year, they hinted they were looking to expand.

"Within about a month of having her, we started talking about, 'Maybe three would be okay,' but we'll see how the second turns out before we commit to that," said Wiley, who delivered Della.

In January, the family welcomed its newest member, a baby boy named Roemer. This time, Richards was the birth mother.

"We were crazy enough to do it again," she said.

"There's been a lot of learning for all of us. For the most part, it's been just a remarkable journey."

Challenges of 3-parent parenting

Wiley and Richards knew from the start they wanted a dad, not just a donor. But negotiating roles between three parents isn't without its challenges, Richards said.

"Danielle and I, who are consumed with the minutia of the everyday — the naps, the feedings, the diapers — we have to stretch our imagination to include Shawn's idea of what parenting will involve, and he stretches us for sure," she said.

"Negotiating that has been part of the wonderful journey, and also the challenge of being this family."

On the possibility of adding another

"When I was giving birth to Roemer in the hospital room, I gave strict instructions to my wife. I said, if I ever mention doing this again, please take me out back and straighten me out," Richards laughed.

"I won't shut that door, but right now it's still too fresh to even imagine."


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