02/10/2015 08:13 EST | Updated 04/12/2015 05:59 EDT

Council could reopen debate on Scarborough subway

Toronto city council will hear answers from staff this morning on five questions about the Scarborough Subway Extension posed by Counc. Josh Matlow, potentially paving the way to reopen debate on the controversial project. 

Late last month, Matlow submitted the questions, which focus largely on the sunk costs of the project and how Mayor John Tory's SmartTrack plan might affect ridership. 

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Based on the answers from city staff, council could vote to finally shelve the debate or they could vote to forward the information they receive to the executive committee, who could then decide to reopen debate in council. 

Among other concerns, Matlow has said he wants to know how Tory's plan for an express train from the Agincourt GO station — part of SmartTrack — could reduce ridership on the three-stop subway extension championed by former mayor Rob Ford during his term in office. 

Council originally approved the project in Oct. 2013, months before Tory unveiled his SmartTrack plan heading into the municipal election last year. 

On Monday, Tory said he's not sure what good will come from reopening the debate and says that many of the answers Matlow is seeking are already available and have been considered by council.

"The vast majority if not all the inquiries he’s made are fact and information that are available in other reports that have been put forward and I expect a lot of the answers he’s going to get are answers that have been put forward previously," he said.  

Tory also said that SmartTrack will not eliminate the need to the Scarborough subway. 

Also on council's agenda this morning is a request from Tory for more money to continue studying SmartTrack and how it can be implemented.