02/10/2015 10:31 EST

Robyn Lawley Can Thank Kate Upton For Her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shoot

Call it the "Kate Effect." (No, not that Kate.)

Australian Robyn Lawley became the first plus-size model to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this month, but not without a bit of help from fellow curvy gal (and two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star), Kate Upton.

In an interview with Fashionista, the gorgeous 25-year-old reveals how she got cast for the yearly issue that has featured famous models such as Emily Ratajkowski, Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge and Gigi Hadid.

Check out Robyn's gorgeous pic for SI:

"I did a casting not last year but the year before, and MJ [Day, senior editor at Sports Illustrated) really wanted to use me and we couldn't make it work," Robyn told Fashionista. "And then I went again last year and did another casting and, yeah, it was just the right time. MJ said, 'You've been on my radar for so long, I've wanted to use you for so long.' I'm really happy that with Kate Upton's success, it's really bringing back that curvy look. We booked it and then I shot it in June."

Robyn also explained to The Cut that it was partially because of Upton—who was the most-searched model of 2014—that she was able to get the gig.

"MJ said it was like the Kate Upton effect," said Robyn. "Everything happened in a flow and is finally happening, but my agents at Wilhelmina have been working at this for years, trying to even get us in the door to see people."

Even though she's proud to be featured in Sports Illustrated, Robyn believes that magazines need to be more inclusive about the models they feature. (And we agree.)

"At the end of the day, I’m a size that they’re not used to," she said. "It’s quite a process and I am quite stoked they were really willing to go down that route. A lot of magazines are not inclusive of my size."

Although more magazines are starting to put plus-size models in their issues (Ashley Graham is also featured in the Sports Illustrated issue), there's still a long way to go.

"I don’t really understand why," she said, when asked why plus-size models are rarely featured in magazines. "I used to think sample sizes were made into a 0. But as a designer myself, I make the sample sizes whatever I want. Why are we so focused on having the girl fit the clothes rather than the clothes fit the girls? I wish it were completely different and women didn’t worry about other bodies. I just want it to be a regular thing. I want Vogue to be regularly featuring curvy or plus-size or size-8 models. At the end of the day, I (and other girls) look up to these magazines. If you just see one consistent body type, you’re going to hate your body. I don’t want girls to feel like that."

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