02/10/2015 03:39 EST | Updated 02/10/2015 03:59 EST

16 Thoughts That Go Through Our Minds When Shopping For Valentine's Gifts

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It's that time of year again! That's right, Valentine's Day!

That means, it's time to show your significant other how much you really care (even though we know you probably already do that everyday). But when it comes to buying them the perfect gift, things get complicated -- Do you go for lingerie, so you can both enjoy? Is a card necessary? Chocolate or candy?

So many questions, and for one measly day. We feel you, though, and we sympathize. Based on experience, an extravagant Valentine's Day gift never really seems to be worth it, though every year, we go through the stress of shopping for one (#thestruggleisreal). Below is just a glimpse at the many thoughts we experience when V-Day shopping -- scroll through to see for yourself.

1. "Ah, Valentine's Day. The (Hallmark) holiday of love"

What's not to love about shopping for love?

2. "I'm totally going to find the most perfect gift ever"

My SO ain't got nothin' on me.

3. "I know he likes candy..."

Who doesn't?

4. "But chocolate is so good too!"

Maybe better? Definitely better. Especially when strawberries are involved. Because that's sexy, isn't it?

5. "I wonder what he/she'll get me this year..."

Candy? Roses? Lingerie? Nothing? Hmmmm...

6. "Whatever it is, it better be good"

Or else...

7. "OK, no more thinking about yourself."

Get back to shopping!

8. "Ugh, this is always harder than I think."


9. "Who needs Valentine's Day anyways?"

It's just a totally made up holiday! I don't need a holiday to show my partner how much I care! #notimpressed

10. "And everything's SO expensive!"

Is this really necessary?

11. "Maybe I'll just get him/her a card"

Cards are nice!

12. "Oh, but that lingerie set looks niiiice."

Too bad I'm not a Victoria's Secret model.

13. "But, I guess it does count as a present for two people..."

Fine, I'll just get it. Even though I'll never wear it again.

14. "Whatever. It's done."

I'm so over this.

15. "He/she better like it!"

Because I'm never doing that again. (Yeah right.)

16. "So then we can get on with it, and be all like:"


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