02/12/2015 07:52 EST | Updated 02/12/2015 07:59 EST

Australian Tram-Turned-House Hits The Market For AUD$439,000

Talk about living off the beaten track. Or any track, really!

A three-bedroom home located in the Australian bush is on the market for AUD$439,000 (equivalent to C$424,390.08).

But this isn't any home: its centrepiece is a W-class tram that once operated in the city of Melbourne, and was dragged into the country just over three decades ago, reported.

Check out some photos of a tram-turned-house in Australia:

Photo galleryAustralian Tram House For Sale (Feb. 11, 2015) See Gallery

The house, located near Muckleford in the state of Victoria, was built after owner Gary Markoff bought the tram for around $1,000, intending to use it as a short-term home.

But he eventually turned it into a permanent house. One of the bedrooms still looks like a tram car with a handrail hanging above, while the front of the tram now serves as an office.

tram floor plan

The home is powered by solar panels and has a diesel generator as a backup source.

Perhaps a decommissioned streetcar could give Torontonians struggling with affordability some ideas. Could you live on a decommissioned 510 Spadina?

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