32 Sweet And Savoury Crepe Recipes You Need To Get Your Hands On

Crêpes (or crepes, we won't judge), are a thin type of French pancake, usually made with flour.

Making them at home requires a small amount of skill, so most of us probably wouldn't attempt it — though some of the recipes below might make you change your mind. Try a savoury crêpe with ham, cheese and broccoli for a weekend lunch, or spread some peanut butter and Nutella over a crêpe for a quick crepe dessert.

To make the perfect crêpe, make sure you have the right amount of batter, a pan that works and of course, patience — don't rush to flip, according to The Kitchn.

Here are 32 of our favourite sweet and savoury crêpe recipes we can't wait to have for breakfast, lunch and probably dinner. Remember, you're a crêpe expert now, don't go calling them pancakes.

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32 Mouth-Watering Crêpes