02/11/2015 10:51 EST | Updated 02/11/2015 10:59 EST

Margaret Cho Designs The Jumpsuit Of Our Dreams

Andrew Toth via Getty Images
NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 06: Comedian Margaret Cho visits SiriusXM Studios on January 6, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

It seems as if every celebrity has a clothing line these days but none have made us as excited as Margaret Cho's new venture into retail. (Sorry Mary-Kate and Ashley.)

On Feb. 3, the comedian—who caused a bit of a stir at the 2015 Golden Globes—finished fundraising on the site Betabrand for her new project: a jumpsuit which answers all our prayers.

Named after the Bond girl played by Jane Seymour in "Live and Let Die," the Solitaire jumpsuit is made in black twill and features six pockets (including a hidden one on the chest), cool gold-coloured zippers, a bloused top and a smocked waist. Basically, it's the perfect jumpsuit.

Cho agrees. "It's my dream garment," she told the New York Times, adding that when she designed it, she envisioned it as "the cool uniform for a female Ghostbuster."

"I always wear jumpsuits," Cho said. "I was a real PJs kid, and I think I never got over it. I love a unitard and a romper. They are just very low maintenance and comfortable."

Although she owns many jumpsuits (they were a huge trend in 2014 thanks to the dozens of celebrities who wore them on and off the red carpet), the 46-year-old actress revealed that thought she could make one that was more flattering.

"Often the zippers are not placed in the most flattering way for the female body," she said. "Plus, the torso is often too short to really work for the stomach and belly." The Solitaire, she claims, is the perfect answer to women's jumpsuit woes.

"I created The Solitaire because I wanted the perfect outfit," Cho says in the description for the Solitaire. "I wanted something that could carry all my essentials: my credit card, cash, ID, lipstick, keys, and smartphone.

I want to walk the earth freely without a handbag or anything else to hold me back from my journey, my destiny. Enter The Solitaire: a gorgeous, figure-flattering jumpsuit that you can wear anywhere, for any occasion."

And just in time for New York Fashion Week, the Solitaire is on sale for $169.20 (regular price is $188). Orders will start to ship in July.

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